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i guess i'm back here now because knzk is broke for me??? idfk

#CryptPad is an open source privacy-friendly alternative to Google Docs:

You can also follow them on here:


CryptPad lets you edit documents online and work on them collaboratively.

It uses a "zero knowledge" principle where no one else (not even the service provider) can see your documents unless you give them an access key.

Accounts are free up to a certain storage limit, with paid accounts for additional storage.

#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteGoogle

whats up gamers, i have lots of cumin and turmeric

NEWS: The GPL Compliance suit against VMware is moving forward -- the first appeal action took place in Germany yesterday:

i'm seeing a lot of talk about how terrible is and admins on other instances blocking it so i think i may jump ship to another one. stay tuned

is it just me or does ktorrent have a really terrible user interface

apparently Slorts is also slang for slutty shorts and a few other things too. i don't care. i love my non-slutty slorts made from slacks

this is like 100x worse than trying to download BeOS over dialup

tfw you're trying to download a poorly seeded game torrent and it's literally averaging 60kb/s... and the iso is 12 gigs

True story: I once made cutoffs out of a pair of slacks, thus making Slorts

Hogwarts School of Wizardry, The Hog Father... these are now forever marred by the use of hog as a pseudonym for cock.

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imagine if you didn't know what ice was and then u found some.... youd be like. what the fuck!

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