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Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become A monster.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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On Friday, July 10 Dr (25), junior doctor in the department of Psychiatry, jumped to his death from the 10th floor of a hostel in . He was suffering from . nationalheraldindia.com/india/

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If no one raises a question then there will never be any investigation.

Mr @rautsanjay61, this is India. If you don't raise a clamour, everybody continues sitting on their haunches.

You should know considering you've have made a career based on rousting. twitter.com/ANI/status/1281847

Quote of the day: ‘When people say Opposition is "not doing enough", remember that the culprit is a pliable media which covers up for the govt.’
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Other than @Indiatoday, not one TV channel has uttered a word on ventilators.

Many, including me, dug out facts. The Opposition raised the issue.

When people say Opposition is "not doing enough", remember that the culprit is a pliable media which covers up for the govt.…

Where most people see tragedy and suffering, some see a political opportunity to be built on more tragedy and suffering.

'First Remand Cannot Be Via Video Linkage': Madras HC Directs Production Of Accused Before Magistrate, Albeit Non-Jurisdictional, Where Place Of Arrest Is Outside State" livelaw.in/news-updates/reiter

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Imagine if it was Sonia Gandhi standing in this picture.

"All religions claim to be inheritors of exclusive spiritual legacies, which they treat as closed systems. They hold zealously to the letter and litter of it, even though the world around them has changed beyond recognition. As a result, religions remain enclaves of regression in an ever-changing world."

"Torture methods used in 2019 included hammering iron nails in the body... electric shock, pouring petrol or applying chilli powder on private parts, branding with a hot iron rod...inserting a hard blunt object into anus, beating after hanging upside down... forcing to perform oral sex, pressing finger nails with pliers, beating with iron rods after victim is suspended between two tables with hands and legs tied, and kicking the abdomen of a pregnant woman"

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As govt hospitals struggle to treat Delhi's rising coronavirus cases, they have been denying treatment to people adversely affected by the communal violence that rocked the city in February. @DeshmaneAkshay reports huffingtonpost.in/entry/delhis

This. Really. Being pissed with Bollywood as though they are responsible for what you throw your money at.

Tweet about nepotism, flock to films with khandani stars.

As someone not into Bollywood, I don't get this.

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Over-the-top media coverage of 'how many we killed' will satisfy the collective blood thirst of the population, and no one will ask the question as to how did the Indian soldiers die in the first place, and what were the failures at our end. Their death won't matter anymore.

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"In Democracy Fair Criticism of Govt. Functioning is A Catalyst for Better Administration": Madras Quashes Case Against Congress MLA For Allegedly Defaming Then-CM J. Jayalalitha [Read Order] [Read Order] livelaw.in/news-updates/madras

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Hope they at least train the homeopathic doctors on correct use of PPE, or treating 30k positive patients may result in the doctors themselves getting a severe case of "Physician, heal thyself"

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"For tormented intellectuals, collaboration also offered a kind of relief, almost a sense of peace: It meant that they were no longer constantly at war with the state, no longer in turmoil. Once the intellectual has accepted that there is no other way, Miłosz wrote, “he eats with relish, his movements take on vigor, his color returns. He sits down and writes a ‘positive’ article, marveling at the ease with which he writes it.”

Former Law Minister (Sr Adv) Ashwani Kumar Writes To CJI To Take Suo Moto Action Against Reported Incidents Of Manhandling Of Covid Patients/ Dead Bodies [Read Letter] @DrAshwani_Kumar@twitter.com livelaw.in/top-stories/former-

. @ProsaicView@twitter.com responds, "His political successes and economic failures have led to a small army of columnists to find out who can be blamed to absolve Mr Modi of any personal responsibility on that count."

A counter to Shekhar Gupta's piece, which i too felt to be tricksome.

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10k+ positive cases in India today.

Govt still doesn't see a problem. We might as well instead. After all, he is also at risk of infection now, poor fellow.

(not sure I got the spelling right. Was a mega hilarious Tamil thing.)

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Tweets after pregnant Elephant incident in Kerala :
ANI : 13
Maneka Gandhi : 3

Tweets after pregnant Cow incident in Himachal Pradesh :
ANI : 0
Maneka Gandhi : 0

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