@king I WOULD NEVER EVER QUESTION THE TRUTH SOMEONE ESLES TRUTH OR FACTS YOU 🖕 are a FIRST CLASS ASSHOLE THAT CANT GO BYE STATS? CUZ NO ONE ELSE WILL LOOK AT THE FACTS IM REALLY BIOLING NOW THANK OH And how did this get in my feed with two followers I have over 100 on Twitter and no one does this unless I blocked him so fuck off for good


@king I WAS FOLLOWING 2 PEOPLE TROLLING ME??? GET A LIFE!!! NO ONE BELIEVES IN COINCIDENCES NOT EVEN ME! did you write newtons law? THEN PICK UP A BOOK! .I'm not charging for this am i?? and I'm not charging anyone for my writing just like God loves me love is ITS LOVE IS free
no no you have to pay for love now you have to pay for writing in fact I forgot you're lucky I'm even on here you fucking asshole

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