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In case there was any misunderstanding regarding what Toxic Masculinity means.

It does not mean that all masculinity is toxic, it is a term from Social Sciences, describing negative socially constructed attitudes towards male gender roles.

This comic sums it up fairly well

@vimtingu @antln deleting feelings is the first step towards completely getting assimilated into the wired

@BurusuBlues you can give examples all you want, that doesn't make it any less of a generalization though. i know plenty of sex-positive men who broke out of the chains of roles and stereotypes. sure, they are not the majority, but denying their existence would be pretty harsh.

@antln "most" still doesn't warrant "in general", assuming it is true.

@BurusuBlues being hetero doesn't equate to being "patriotic" with your sex or gender, it may have a correlation, sure, but "in general" is kinda off.

@8zu it is thriving because the top soil layer was removed after the incident though. the amount of damage done will take another generation to be realized. another problem with nuclear power is the inability to have them decentralized enough to suit the needs of a revolution.

@alxcndr The GPL3 isn't exactly benefiting capitalism, it benefits the free software communities/users sure, permissive licenses often do benefit capitalism, but then you have to use the therm OSS to make your statement true.

@8zu is the contamination zone of nuclear reactor accidents included in the required space calculation?

@kefkalexis hasts schonmal mit nem eigenen CSS-schema probiert?

@jennihayman hello human, i hope mastodon proves to stay less terrible.

Hello world,
this is an eternal speaking, the struggles we face are not new, neither are the solutions.
Let's continue to allow ourselves to think for ourselves and act for ourselves and fellow beings on this mad planet.
In the words of lain: We are all connected!
Adding to ancient ideas and adjusting them in each generation, not forgetting, but making it better for the next reiteration.


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