Thanks to the help of @njal_la, we recovered our actual domain.

As from now, on, we're back on

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Our Tor URL doesn't change

@milan We're also the people DMing you (sent the same on twitter)

We're now back on Tor as well!

You can find The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity on thgtoallkcxrdv37u6knsc3pumk6cq

In case you'd prefer to read it incognito.


Privacy is about people knowing who you are but not what you are doing. Anonymity is about people knowing what you are doing but not who you are.

There are many overlaps between both but they're not the same and will diverge on several choices.

More info on our guide at

We have successfully recovered our original Mastodon account.

People from anonymous_planet account have been migrated here !


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