We're killing our planet and all our arrogant, ignorant and out of touch politicians are worried about is kids out of school and graffiti. Worst of all, at least 50% of all Australians think they're right. Selfish, greedy humans voted these Luddites in AGAIN!!!

In around 10 minutes people may or may not be storming Area 51. I have no doubt some or all of them will be arrested but hopefully none of them will be killed. Probably best to go the party route. abc.net.au/news/2019-09-20/sto

Just bought a set of Audio Technica ath-m40x headphones. Beautiful sound.

Trudeau's blackface was pretty acceptable at the time, even if it was wrong. Judging him with today's ideologies is just presentism. The only way we learn is from our mistakes.

I just came to the realisation that my boots sound exactly like skeletons in Skyrim when I walk...

Players turn on David Warner as ball-tampering crisis rips team apart. Getting rid of Warner will be good for cricket in general. No room for cheating racist thugs smh.com.au/sport/cricket/playe via @smh

Remember when eBay was good and not flooded with bullshit mass duplicated crap and fake SEO from China?

Spent most of the weekend . It was everything I thought it could be,,,

Early morning ASIO operation to secure classified cabinet files held by ABC abc.net.au/news/2018-02-01/asi via @ABCNews so much for OUR government and OUR ABC.

today's lunch was vegan, healthy, leafy and surprisingly quite filling. It was also pretty delicious.

Meet the women making a career in the funeral industry - except embalming poisons the ground and gives you cancer abc.net.au/news/2018-01-15/you via @ABCNews

Ask me to do something new while you watch and I'll seem like a beginner but give me five minutes alone and I'll be an expert.

how hilarious is the health star rating in ? According to this amazing system, Froot Loops are healthier for me than my low-fat Greek yoghurt 😂

NITV has become such a good channel. It's the only TV station where I can watch a program and come away feeling more positive for the experience

The fact that Twitter is Trump's main platform for his twisted ideologies is good enough reason to get off it really..

The less meaning I find in life, the more joy it brings me.

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