If anyone is thinking about ordering a @tesla use my referral code to get free supercharging on a Model S, X and Performance 3. ts.la/anthony59062

Anyone notice any significantly delayed notification on the latest wtahcOS beta?

My Tesla is supposbly ready to be picked up but I have yet to receieve my delivery appointment email. They emailed me last Tuesday saying it's ready and that was the last I heard 😢

Starting here with fresh followers reminds me of the app.net days.

7:00 AM flight and I got upgraded! 🙌👌 Hell yes!

How come you can't change your username on here?

It'd be nice to have a good Mac app for @Mastodon. Maybe when I have some free time later in the year I can sit down and work on something...

iOS 12 Beta 7 is out. watchOS Beta 7 is out too, but you can't update to that since the updater broke in Beta 6 🙃

@Anthony Hey Mate, if you're not using this site, do you possibly think I could have your username?


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