The problem with doing a client for this is lack of scale. Assuming there's 100k active users, 50% run iOS/Mac, probably < 10% of those would pay for an app. I'm thinking ~5k copies which sucks compared to the effort required.

🐓 and 🥚 I know.

@pth @WAHa_06x36 is working on a fantastic iOS client for Mastodon. I don't know what I'm suggesting here but I thought you two should at least know of each other's existence.

Also, why not kickstart the development? Make the reward the app itself once it's complete, see how many people sign up for it before beginning to work on it, etc etc. Seems like a safe way


@Gargron @pth @WAHa_06x36 The thing there is @pth runs a company, Tapbots so it has to be worth the investment

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