If anyone is thinking about ordering a @tesla use my referral code to get free supercharging on a Model S, X and Performance 3. ts.la/anthony59062

@JB @Gargron Yeah. There should be an option for that, but like you said. I dont think the ability to do it has been impkemented just yet. I should probably create an issue for it on GitHub.

@JB @Gargron yeah. That’s what I didn’t want to do since I have started this profile and done stuff with it. They need a way to edit usernames as well as do something with dead accounts.

@Gargron Any chance we can get the ability to do username changing?

Anyone notice any significantly delayed notification on the latest wtahcOS beta?

My Tesla is supposbly ready to be picked up but I have yet to receieve my delivery appointment email. They emailed me last Tuesday saying it's ready and that was the last I heard 😢

Starting here with fresh followers reminds me of the app.net days.

@steve228uk My plan is to build a nice iOS and mac app once I finish up these two projects I’m currently in the middle of. This place needs some good apps.

7:00 AM flight and I got upgraded! 🙌👌 Hell yes!

How come you can't change your username on here?

@arjankoole I didnt even know there was a mac app for this. Thanks for the heads up there! Id like to see a Tweetbot style app for this. Sounds like I have a project ahead of me for this winter then haha

It'd be nice to have a good Mac app for @Mastodon. Maybe when I have some free time later in the year I can sit down and work on something...

@a2 yeah. The fix for it is to disable the passcode, then try and update.

iOS 12 Beta 7 is out. watchOS Beta 7 is out too, but you can't update to that since the updater broke in Beta 6 🙃

@Gargron @pth @WAHa_06x36 The thing there is @pth runs a company, Tapbots so it has to be worth the investment

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