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following and unfollowing people, personal disclaimer 

If I follow and unfollow you (maybe even 2, 3 times), it is most likely because I'm overloaded with your content in some way.

Since I'm a very forgetful human, I will forget why I unfollowed and therefore maybe follow again if your account pops up in my timeline.

So, no personal offense, just my usual air-head.

It's okay to ask about why I unfollowed you in specific.

(Also, feel free to block me for this or any other reason)

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I just read my old toot and I think it is time for an update. So, here I go.

Hi! I'm a , , white and kitten 😼

I write about daily struggles with being disabled and trying to survive. Playing (farming) games has caught me again so it sometimes shows up and it might get more in the future.

I'm using Debian for around 6 years and sometimes I try to learn some . I also love to read 📚

Nice to meet you! 🐹 🐙


Google has recently started automatically importing information from Google+ profiles into the contacts app on android (Google Contacts) based searching for accounts tied to that phone number. This information is comprehensive and can't be deleted by the user.

If you have an old Google+ profile laying around from pre-transition, then any old emails etc. containing your dead name might have been imported into the contacts of everyone who has your phone number for any reason

Hi you people I moved to vulpine-club and it's great. I love the licks and awoos :blobmiou:

wanting to move mastodon-instance, question 

So, I wanna move and I'd already know where to go. I noticed some people have a "person moved there" link thingy on they're old/second account. How does that work? Also, is there something else to know/ wanting to do?

mental health, autism, diagnosis 

so, I thought about maybe being in the autism spectrum since I'm 16 I think? And every online thing I since took what at least "yeah, possibly". But also, I kinda have a lot of stuff going on and it's hard to know what comes from what.

mastodon bug?, accessibility 

The font "OpenDyslexic" makes weird stuff with some UI elements

So, I installed OpenDyslexia for better and easier reading and it's great :blobcat:

subtitels, accessibility (negative) 

I often need subtitles for videos and stuff and one of the most annoying things regarding that is that people who put text in their videos (which many do), they nearly always put in in the left corner. Most of it will be covered by the subtitles and it's not readable. (It's also vastly overlooked by neurodivers people who are generally aware of accessibility needs). That's exhausting.
🐙 🦑 😐

social stuff 

A friend of mine just sent me a link to something. I didn't felt like reading it and communicated that. I think that upset them? I'm confused. Humaning is hard.

pleroma, accesibilty 

So far, the pleroma accounts that I came across were harder to access than mastodon accounts. The background was very busy, the contrast partly too low and all in all, there were so many things 🤯. There seems to be a mastodon-like fronted but I couldn't get there without an account.

language confusion 

So, till yesterday I thought that 'hostile' means something positive. I was informed that it's not and well, that's quite confusing. I'm still learning to adapt to that 🐙

Violet Evergarden, violence, anime 

So, I'm done with season 1 and well, it was intense. I like the way they handled Violet's disabilities. There was a lot of heavy emotions and a lot of displayed violence. I'm happy they let Violet handle it her way.

I don't know about queer subtext (I didn't notice any), but it's definitely an interesting anime regarding disabilities. I liked watching it a lot.

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my little pony but with kittens :o merkittys, flying kittys, running kittys :blobcat:

non-verbal communication, asking for help 

So, there are people who cannot / don't want to communicate in a verbal way. I know some of them communicate with text-to-voice things but all in all I'm clueless and a search didn't bring the wished results.

I'd love to have more information about non-verbal communication things and devices and how this works for people. If you know something I'd be happy to learn about it.

Also, I wanted to write/do something but I forgot. Maybe I just remembered? Hopefully I don't forget again.

mental health, doctors 

So, I now have an appointment for the ADHD diagnosis thing. It's in 2 weeks! That's awfully long in the future and awfully soon at the same time.
Also, the doctor was like "we might not need a introduction-first-time-whatever-meeting" and "for adults, the diagnosis often needs only one appointment" - that worries me a bit .__. but also, I have no idea

ginny is still in need of support for things like: food 🍎, bills 💸, & medication :inhaler:

check out her patreon for things she's currently working on, & give a small monthly pledge if you can:

she also has a shop you can get cute anti-facist catwear & cool coffee mugs:

ginny is a very great human, & also a very great resource to any social media site given her expertise in online harassment.

please support &/or boost!

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Introduction, BDSM 

So, I guess I should first introduce myself?

Hi! I'm #nonbinary, #disabled, white and #queer. I'll stick mostly to english but it could get german sometimes.

a bit about my kinks:
I'm a submissive. I like to feel certain kinds of pain and I'd call myself a masochist. I discover being a little, I age regress. I can be very playful and I do have pet traits.

Other than that I love cats, I like to read and color and sometimes I play farming games. Also, I'm very forgetful ._.

mastodon help 

I just tried out following another account from my account. It was a public account and I could find it at least, but when I tried to follow I got the error 503 again.

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mastodon help 

So, I have this locked kink account now and I wanted to boost my public introduction on this account but somehow that's not possible??
When I search for the name of the locked account in the search bar, I get an error "503 remote data could not be fetched".

So, I thought let's try it the other way around. I can find my public acct from my locked acct but the interaction does not show up in my notifications feed. Locked acct liked a toot from public acct, nothing shows up. Help?!?

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