"Why do I need a 4Ghz quadcore to run facebook?" This is why. A single word split up into 11 HTML DOM elements to avoid adblockers.


@antifarben that programmer should loose their license to code...

...oh wait programming isn’t important enough to require a license

@jbob @antifarben

They did it on purpose, it's to thwart adblockers.

@antifarben At one time in the 90's the bandwidth conservation society was a thing. Can't find much about it now.

wouldn't that break accessibility, too, like screen readers? could be wrong...

@sireebob @antifarben
I'd assume that some of the repeat elements have a CSS display:none style on them, which most screenreaders will take as a signal to not read the content.

yeah, probably, but wouldn't that mean they're excluding people who rely on that technology from either knowing it's sponsored content, or from accessing the ad / knowing it's there? if the ad is truly so useful (we all know it's not), why exclude people who rely on screen readers?

@sireebob @antifarben If they only display:none some of the elements, I believe they can still get the screenreader to read "Sponsored" but I don't have a facebook account to test with to find out either.

@antifarben ahhh - is *this* why the Facebook website on iOS makes my iPhone get really hot...

Fuckit, hot take: if you're using Facebook in 2019, you deserve whatever comes to you.

@user0x00 the topic here is rather the anti-adblock movements of content providers. It's not only Facebook. There are other platforms as well that are trying to trick adblockers.

@antifarben Making web standard, semantic, fast loading and accessible sites was supposed to be a sunny life goal, now it's an ugly fight against ad creeps, analytic lunatics, naive designers and irresponsible developers spitting out this 'disruptive' shit to please their deranged managers high on dark patterns and user misery.
The only way forward is full speed down hill with this self destructive madness. The faster the better.

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