Really wish male standup (TV? or live) shows had some kind of rating - like how straight are they? punching up or punching down? Maybe a decade to show when they would have been appropriate.

Spiritland opening in the Royal Festival Hall... what is it replacing? Skylon? Canteen? 180 covers...

I am really not sure what to make of teamlab being made into both infinitely replicable exhibitions and gallerist purchasable art.

V happy that there's a Keith Haring exhibition in Liverpool next year, but got no idea if it's the same as either the Pompidou or Vienna shows I've seen... (it will go to Brussels and Essen after Liverpool)

one show left for both Jordan Brookes at Soho Theatre and Moot Moot at the Yard. seen both this week, both unique, funny, and pushing boundaries of comedy and theatre.

"[Heston Blumenthal] explains that he wants nothing cooked with vegetable oil (he dislikes the taste and smell of a particular molecule when heated)"

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