Just ran the same WebSocket load tests with #SiteJS on a 2 vCPU VPS with 2GB RAM and it started dropping messages (1 message/sec) at around 10K concurrent connections.

I’m more than happy with that as a starting point. (That’s not what we need to optimise. For context, I have 7.24K followers on the fediverse after 3 years. We won’t start hitting those limits on the #SmallWeb for a while.) ;)

Videos, etc., at: twitter.com/aral/status/134573

Note: I posted those videos on Twitter as my Mastodon personal instance didn’t let me post them as they were too large (my instance of one is hosted on @mastohost and they have limits – which is understandable; they’re not a multi-billion-dollar company).

For longer videos, etc., I use our Vimeo account.

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