Five exams this week had me mentaly

But now the holiday break begins!!!

Dude Wipes™, the needlessly gendered wet wipes for MEN, may be an intrinsically ridiculous concept, but they're so ridiculous that no one buys them and they're always there even when all other wipes are sold out
so thank you Dude Wipes™

Feeling relieved but also kind of weary at all the work we still gotta do.

Just realized our professor threw us a total bone in preparation for this exam and it totally slipped my mind during the test... SMH 😅😅😅

Maybe it's the meds. Maybe it's the beer.
Maybe it's the good food, or doing squats.

But either way my butt is thicc AF and it's causing problems 😆😆😆

Looking forward to reading more books in the near future.

I'm so excited 😁

10/10 rather be brainstorming with someone for a d&d campaign than trying to absorb dozens of new vocab terms daily and stress posting on twitter... but bills gotta get paid and my twitter posts ain't gonna write themselves, so here we are.

I kinda wanna be a nomad but I also kinda want to be a mad scientist creating automatons that help people.

But then I kinda just wanna build dollhouses and paint watercolor trees and just lose days in my Steam library.

Instead I'm frying my brain trying to squeeze another language in there while also dealing with my denial regarding my traumas. It's awesome. 😆😆😆

I'm ok though, I promise.

Oh man my brain is friiiiiiiied from studying. I am so burned out, but gotta keep chugging along. Can't wait to have some free time to get into some creative projects :D


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