New espresso machine arrived this week so I can still get me fix. First attempt tastes better than it looks!

Working from home is normal for me but not with the kids too! Some home schooling is coming...

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So glad the govt here has put us in lockdown. Maybe we can get this thing under control...

Awesome gravel adventure. Might be the last for a while.

The Gravel bike held up well. Got a puncture towards the end but the sealant actually worked for once.

Gravel Royale ride on Saturday in the Rototura forest. Good fun.

Very happy with 12sp eps so far. Italy here we come :)

@tonyarnold is hyper threading turned off? I can usually get them all maxed out compiling in Xcode.

@tonyarnold I have that problem on Xcode 10 all the time.

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@height8 I just think he was referring to preparing for WWDC.

@height8 I just think he was referring to preparing for WWDC.

Flat white at koru lounge in Auckland was pretty nice!

@nicktmro hey are you flying to San Francisco tonight?

Heading to San Jośe today and I’m taking the bike! Need to do a lot of riding for Italy trip in 3 weeks time. Anyone know of group rides during wwdc?

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