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I find amazing how my mental state changes (for the worse) when I can’t get out for a bike ride.

Ugh I just wanted to get stuck into a feature this morning and if course I have a meeting.

Ugh my IPA is failing on AppStoreConnect. Just get a “This build is invalid.” With no reason.

Got an upgrade kit for Campagnolo 12 speed EPS on order too. Hope I get it before June!

Busy few months ahead. Heading to Atlanta office next month then WWDC & then Italy at end of June for cycling holiday!

Scored a WWDC ticket, first time since ‘12. Looking forward to it. Going to take my bike too!

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Hey, if you attended the #Joco cruise, reply to this or post with the #Joco hash tag!

Flat white at Mavis & Co. Presentation 3, flavour 3, temperature 3, 9/10! Two from two.

Flat white at Hayes Common. Presentation 3, flavour 3, temperature 3. 9/10. !!!

Using my iPad Pro as a second monitor while my monitor is being repaired. Does quite a nice job especially as a travel one matched with MBP.

Reading a TrainingPeaks article on crank length ( Interesting reading and some of it makes sense too me, however the bibliography links don’t work. Time to do some more research.

Really enjoying this Dunedin based peanut butter wife discovered when where down there a couple of weeks ago.

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