It's hard to write in an easy to understand, direct way! In fact, I'm sure machines understand my writing better than people. 😄

Here's a *great* lecture by always interesting Steven Pinker on the subject of writing style suitable for humans:

Someone needs to create "Human Scripting Language," for unambiguous, well-defined, de-bugged input into a "Human Virtual Machine," based on the average, real person.

@kot Yeah, that would do the trick. 😄

On the more serious note, the tension between unambiguous and average person seems like the key issue here.

Perhaps what we need is a single language that's cross compiled for multiple execution environments?

@antolius @kot Sometimes, it’s just so wonderful to lean back and think “well, here they go again, the native writers”. It’s easy to keep it simple. Just write in a foreign language, and bye bye complexification.

@Troim @kot I find it surprisingly easy to complicate my own writing in English. I guest there's a particular level of foreign language proficiency (just after learning some phrases but before getting closer to a native level) that especially encourages overcomplicating.

@antolius @kot Interesting. For me, it’s much easier to write straight in English. In French or German, I struggle to let go what got me high marks back in my school days.

@Troim @kot Uff, school days, yes!

I remember this "game" we played in high school: we'd double all the words with synonyms in our lit course essays. That was some real awful prose. 😆

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