Sent my work 2015 MacBook away for battery replacement, went on a 2 week vacation, came back to the same battery. Repair shop didn't have time to deal with it.

Welcome to Fire City, population: me.

@antolius regular MacBook or MacBook Pro?
If it's a Pro, you might also want to check if its battery is part of the recall programme due to overheating issues:

I looked at the guides, and looks like the process is a lot more involved than for my 2009 model...

IMHO should be one of the most accessible tasks, but it's not surprising that many companies, Apple especially, is making it harder rather than easier...

@FiXato it is the pro model, and I have received fire hazard warning from Apple. That's what's got me trying to replace the battery. But it's a company machine, and so it has to go to Apple certified service they usually deal with. And I guess the service is overload with work, so they have a long waiting list. So I'm kind of stuck waiting for them.

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