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Last installment in my blog series:

In this one I go over some more advanced CLI use cases:
* code generation / scaffolding
* code analysis / introspection
* Text-based user interfaces

Been playing HK lately, and really enjoying it!

Usually aim for presentation parity of action & storytelling (e.g. high fidelity character models to both shoot at & talk to). However, action & story often don't align tonally (e.g. sensitive protagonist on a killing spree).

Shadowrun is opposite: action is turn based, tactical combat, & story is delivered with text paragraphs & dialog (without animation/voice over). But do-or-die desperate tone matches up perfectly!

Just listened to the latest episode of Complete Developer Podcast:

It's about giving talks on conferences. I liked how they go beyond pointers for your presentation and also talk about picking a topic, refining and submitting it, audience interaction, etc.

A good episode from high quality .

I was sure I had 1% of $s. Guess I was wrong. 🤷‍♂️

I'm thinking of writing a very simple for a site reliability engineering exercise for a company conference that's coming up in a few weeks.
Anyone have similar experiences / any wild ideas?

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"Should I Add Push Notifications To My Website? - No". That's all fun but I would not be that strict, there's some interesting usecases for push notif, BUT as usually website abused it for the sack of engagement, users are annoyed by it, the usual story shouldiaddpushnotificationstom

A friend of mine is building an :

The character art is super cute (like an old school Disney cartoon!) and the gameplay premise is interesting (you research phenomenon around you and publish the results, thus influencing the world).

Continuing my blog series. This time I'm thinking of all the little things that make a command line app nice to use:

A walk with camera equipped spouse is like dancing a waltz: 1, 2, 3 steps, a photo; 1, 2, 3 steps, a photo...

Diving into : Hong Kong main campaign.

Really enjoying the world building and role-playing in those games.

Is there a way to collect all the garbage from my home without a lengthy stop the world vacuuming phase?

Having to clean up all the objects from the floor, not being able to watch tv in parallel, etc. It's annoying.


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I was sure this article would make me furious. Now I dunno.

They didn't "make the mugshot look like the suspect," they covered tattoos up the way someone trying to get away with a crime might do.

Clark Kent wears glasses. He can't be Superman, right?

I #amReading Semiosis by Sue Burke, and half wat through I'm really enjoying it! 

Off to a vacation, starting today! 🏝️ 🌊🌅

Really looking forward to some relaxation.

I promised an anonymous poll I'd recommend #docker Mac app to a friend, so here goes 

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I forgot how to use hashtags so I made a list of cool ones to remind me what to do:

plz boost & add your own useful hashtags if you want!

also I have no idea what to tag this, fml

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