Ja s'ha publicat el programa del V Congrés de Sobirania Tecnològica (Barcelona, 29 de febrer de 2020) organitzat per @sobtec -> sobtec.cat/

Que bé, Geroni, el primer compi de Mastodon no techiefreak!

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Conflicted between:
1) wanting to use only #FOSS in my open source design job.
2) realising that Figma is pretty good and that using it would probably result in better designed open source software.

I think there will be some compromise, at least until the good people at @akiraux release their alpha.

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We don't want to give anyone false hopes, but hey, Akira is looking pretty solid lately so we decided to write down a list of must-have features for our very first alpha release.
Check it out: github.com/akiraux/Akira/issue
No dates have been decided yet 😅

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Well, that was a quiet month 😬
Now that seasonal sickness, hardware breakages, and traveling plans seem to be gone, we're ready to get back on developing this beauty.
7 PRs awaiting to be merged, with massive improvements to the UI and the canvas library.
More news to come!

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