Working in a server room, when I start thinking, "Gosh, I am feeling really hot" and about 30 seconds later realizing that is very much a bad thing and reset the breaker on the chilling unit. 😅

@viciousviscosity It is funny how one becomes attuned to the machine environment. I once spent most of a year in a server room (including sleeping there) courtesy of the German military and I was able to hear - and feel -if any of the machines wasn't running right straight across the whole room.

@tsturm @viciousviscosity


At one job in the early naughties, I was famed for escorting a salesperson and a few prospective customers into my (ok, the company's, but mine) datacenter, stopping dead, and saying "Something's wrong."

Nineteen racks of gear, and we had... an extra beep.

But we got the deal, so; all good.

You noticed an extra beep? 😲
That's some pretty heavy attunement.

@viciousviscosity @mwlucas @tsturm

My first gig was at a bank DC...

I could tell when one of the AS400's was not happy without walking into the actual DC by the sounds of the room.

you really do get attuned after a while.

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