>One million signatories in one year can achieve this, it seems.

Isn't this not just asking the goverment to debate on the given topic and let them decide however they want? That's how I understand that #petition work.
Or is this something else I'm not aware of?

@antonlopez hey, I've been thinking a lot about policy the last days!

I arrived at the conclusion that we may need to use trade tariffs in connection to policy. Many of the policies will put countries at a short term business disadvantage: e.g. a country which implements higher fuel tax will have a competitive compared to one which doesn't. This seems to still be political suicide, despite slowly growing green votes.

Import & export tariffs could perhaps 'even the playing field'. Thoughts?

@douginamug Yes, it's very complicated macroeconomically, specially if we follow the path of "every country for itself". That's why we need big international agreements on this. All damages to the environment should be taxed progressively to avoid loading most burden on people who can't afford it. But the most important goal is to invest all that into quickly substituting what we have now for zero harm to the environment. In the meantime we have to keep raising awareness and acting accordingly.

@antonlopez International agreements that everyone just sticks too would be perfect. However I'm losing faith with that approach due its track record. Tariffs are still seen as an economic evil thanks to neoliberal propaganda, I kind of forgot they were even an option until recently.

But imagine: next summit, big targets and this time they all agree to impose proportional import tariffs on defecting countries. A summit with teeth.

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