Ven Con Nosotros a Cambiar la Vida ("Vivir en Sevilla", 1978).

Tras unos cambios que se hicieron hace unos días, el diccionario online de la ya no funciona sin hacer llamadas a

Hi @pixelfed! You just added a mandatory ajax service to The page is empty now... 🤷‍♂️

No sé si esa gente que dice que no es libre porque bloquea instancias en el código podría explicarle a este señor lo que es el software libre, porque quizá no sepa de qué está hablando...

WTF I just watched a western featuring Don Johnson and rock numbers?

Bonjour @booteille !
Is it normal that I sometimes may get (stalled) YT code snippets even when Invidition is on? If I reload the tab, it then works and go to Invidious.

I think it may be related to initiating the browser (previously closed) with a YT link from another app (RSS reader, e-mail, etc).

Sometimes I even get a bit of server-side output (in case you may think it's just my local cache), but haven't got screencaps of that.

Hi @up201705417 @diogo

I can't visit your nor subscribe to it via RSS due to + blocking 😓

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