Unfortunately Demilich will not be able to fetch the million dollar Nobel Peace Prize money in Oslo today, as we'll be playing at sold out Scandinavia Deathfest in Stockholm. Greta, you got lucky! Please don't worry, Albert, we'll come to your party the next year and grab what belongs to us. Just make sure it's double then.

Helsinki (/ˈhɛlsɪŋki, hɛlˈsɪŋki/: The capital and most populous city of Finland. Centered around the famous Piritori.

Reserve: To arrange for something to be kept for you, for example, a seat on an aircraft or a table at a restaurant. Or a shirt. Or a vinyl album. Or your mother.

WTF? Read more at demilich.band/a-lecture-via-in

We streamed the whole Demilich live show from Symbolic Open Air 2019, including 35 minutes of backstage action before and after the show.

With very questionable audio and video quality.

This and all future specialities and experiments are for our mailing list members only!

So join now at demili.ch/mail !!!

We played the first time in Maryland Deathfest (MDF) in 2006. After nine years of getting closer to death, we did it again in 2015. And now, after mere five years, we'll be back there in 2020!


It's the beginning of the summer, and as usual, summer starts a new year for bands. So, it's time to wrap up the year 2018½ for Demilich! I'll post our experiences from the last 12 months next, but before that, here's the list of shows for our summer tour 2019!!! See you all around Europe in coming months, apart from the few ones that got canceled!


I, Antti Gunnarsson, and the rest of Demilich are so glad to finally play in Iceland tonight! The organizer almost made a horrible mistake by booking us a flat in the same block where the local BrewDog bar resides, but we won't have time to get wasted today.

Lots of cool Demilich merchandise will be present for your shopping obsession tonight, possibly even tomorrow.

For you, it's been a long, long time since I posted the last time. For me, it was a mere blink of an eye. Wormholes are cool. I will later tell about all of the peculiar things that happened to me in that microsecond. Now, though, we're ready to start Aki's Volvo's engine and use more traditional ways of time-space travel to get to Portugal for a great festival at Barroselas, near Porto!

Femmagaala, the “shadow Grammy Awards Ceremony” of Finland, has always had their peculiar categories that change yearly. This year’s categories consist of such gems as “skinny jeans you don’t fit in anymore -femma”, “button pressing -femma” (for DJ’s), and so on. Demilich has been nominated in the “growl femma” category along with some more current artists of the genre.

"What is this bloody mess I'm looking at?" It's the professionally designed merchandise advertisement for the Demilich and Winterwolf gig tomorrow (Saturday) in Helsinki! Behold it in awe, or die in excruciating pain!

or while

Even though there are still tickets left for this Saturday's Demilich+Winterwolf gig in Helsinki, I suggest you to get yours now before it's too late!


We will have an unseen-before selection of both Demilich and Winterwolf merchandise on the gig (including rarities).


Demilich and Winterwolf have formed an axis of evil, and the generals have decided to invade The Babylon Protected By The Mighty Kehä III on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

Saturday, 2018-12-15 (15 December 2018) 19:00-22:00 (7 PM - 10 PM)
Kuudes Linja, Hämeentie 13, 00530 Helsinki, Finland
Tickets: 12,50 € / 13,00 € ; Tiketti.fi (from 2018-11-26 on)

The day is near/here! Winterwolf will return this Saturday, and we'll play songs from the old album as well as the upcoming one! If you're near Kuopio, I demand you to come to see the show of three great bands!

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