Also I’m super stoked for Seiken Densetsu 3 aka. Trials of Mana aka. Secret of Mana 2 being released in the western world. Talk about a ”finally”!

The price though, a SNES game $39.99... even though SD1 and SD2 are included, the Switch tax is strong in here.

I learned A Link Between Worlds is essentially A Link To The Past 2. That very quickly lead to me playing it.

This has been an awesome gaming year for me. Super Mario Odyssey and Spider-Man are fantastic and Red Dead 2 is just around the corner! sub is -40% ATM, gonna up my skills!

Really diggin’ this new OSX MOJITO! Fav feature: being able to request a photo from iPhone, which then activates the camera and the photo appears on my Mac automatically, no Photos involved!

Anyone have a backpack to recommend? It’d need to fit a 15” laptop and have a somewhat large ”other stuff” compartment.

Been eyeing the Fjällräven Räven 28, looking for alternatives! 😊

Well this is unexpected, weird yet pleasant: At some point in time VS Code autoupdater has unmessed itself and is now working! Also (FINALLY) the `code` CLI tool works, too.

...but then it's a tricky balance to also keep productivity high.

Whenever I get this kind of possibility to choose, I tend to go with "something new to learn"...

Next project is looming in the horizon and here I am wondering if I should go with:

- React & Redux
- React & Mobx
- Vue & Vuex
- Elm

...I guess it's pros and cons time!

Just set up crossposting from Mastodon to Twitter. This toot is a test.

Holy moly, those new Nintendo announcements sound goooooooooood!!

Super Mario Bros U port from Wii U, new Luigi's Mansion, all kinds of older Final Fantasies, and a new Animal Crossing!

Best regards,
- A happy camper

Dang, it’s going to be a tough call between Xr and Xs. Bigger screen for less money or smaller OLED for more?

Whee, Tusk finally works on iOS 12!! This looks and feels sooooo good.

I really, really wish companies would stop using massive GIFs in their blog posts/announcements. Google published a blog post today with an 18MB GIF in it.

That's what HTML5 video is supposed to be for. 🤦‍♂️

Every time I need to use JS's Array.includes I have to search the web whether it's "includes" or "contains".

Every. Single. Time.

I love the simplicity of for clarifying my thoughts on software architectures and processes, but it drive me nuts there's no way (?) to save default settings (fonts, line widths, paddings etc) for future drawings.

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