Introduction for Twitter and Mastodon. Hi I'm Anuya, a screenwriter and co-founder of @booksontoast, a YouTube channel + community for readers. I like people and books and TV and comedy and dancing to Bollywood music and cats and would very much want this to be a callout culture/ hate speech free place. I believe that if you don't like something - unfollow and move on and if you don't understand something - don't share opinions on it. Forgiveness, empathy and evolution are also imp imo!

@anuya @booksontoast Welcome Anuya to #OperationMastodon ! I’m a cat behaviourist btw haha. Great to see lot of cat lovers here. Will definitely check out your YT channel. Enjoy your stay here and let’s all use this platform to #RiseAboveHate !

@anuya 's @booksontoast podcast is the reason I restarted reading and am proud to say I have read 16 books so far this year. A record for me.

@sanil OMG wow congratulations!!! That's probably more than me :) @booksontoast

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