I don't think you guys realise that it's not Twitter or Mastodon that's the problem.


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@anuya The people running mastodon are better at stopping abuse than the people running Twitter.

@Koshy Yeah but this morning a girl on Twitter made some insensitive statements about mental illness and now everyone is trashing her and how will anyone ever learn or change. We have no empathy. Both sides are dumb.

Even when people are same, what is expected and promoted is not the same. For example, abusive posts will trend in #twitter but will get banned in #mastodon. The rules of twitter are for maximum profit, rules of mastodon are for respectful discussions. Mastodon is created and managed by people themselves. The same person who throw garbage in Indian roads won't do the same when they are in Singapore. There is definitely an influence from the system in people. #india

@praveen yeah but nothing she said was "abuse" - it was ignorant, yes. Not abuse. No one would flag it off, she has the right to say it.

@praveen And the bigger issue is that when people trash her en masse like that, it's just bullying. Now instead of realising what she said was wrong, she's going to hate mentally ill/ liberals/ whatever the other side is. What's the point?

I was replying to your generalization. I don't know the specific incident you are referring to here.

@anuya The basic point here is that whatever media platform we get and whatever filter and policies they apply, we, THE PEOPLE, have become insensitive and raged and we actually are the problem. Being educated, instead of making someone understand, we are bullying them (and obviously affecting their mental health).

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