@praveen And the bigger issue is that when people trash her en masse like that, it's just bullying. Now instead of realising what she said was wrong, she's going to hate mentally ill/ liberals/ whatever the other side is. What's the point?

@praveen yeah but nothing she said was "abuse" - it was ignorant, yes. Not abuse. No one would flag it off, she has the right to say it.

@Koshy Yeah but this morning a girl on Twitter made some insensitive statements about mental illness and now everyone is trashing her and how will anyone ever learn or change. We have no empathy. Both sides are dumb.

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Sorry if I've been tardy about replying to some of you, or not following back. I woke up to 100+ notifications this morning and I'm just not used to handling that volume of social media (or even offline) engagement.
I must say though, it's been very cool to hear from folks all over the Fediverse (probably located all over the world). I'm even more convinced that the patterns and problems we are now living through, are universal to the human condition.

I don't think you guys realise that it's not Twitter or Mastodon that's the problem.


Every freelancer negotiation ever:

Client: How much do you want for 1 million pages of work?
Freelancer: 1 million rupees
Client: Is 50 rupees okay?
Freelancer: Cool can you make that 55 so that I can get 50 in hand after TDS?

@gunjan I woke up very stressed really early and the to-do list calmed me down

I woke up and meditated and make a to-do list that my cat is currently eating.

What's up with you guys?

Is the first iteration of something a virgin version?

@anuragsingh But it tastes gorgeous. Like a warm hug in winter.

I think it's time to discuss the real issues: the unfounded hate against a pumpkin spice latte.

@sanil OMG wow congratulations!!! That's probably more than me :) @booksontoast

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