Noooooooo! Why would anyone do this UI???

In two decades of front end development, that is by far THE WORST thing I've ever seen.

@anw I died a little even thinking of having to use that

@anw You do this if you have no Regex skills 😂

@anw Let users feel the pain and chip in more for better UI 😜

@thatbrickster @anw@mastodon.Ah I think I got it mixed up with the volume control ui meme

@alsternerd @anw well… that could be bad for phone numbers for trailing 0os or so.

@anw People not aware of other type of inputs/wanting to restrict the client?

@anw this has been a meme way of protecting from sql injections. never thought that i'd seen it irl tho

@anw I showed this to my partner and he said "It's like a rotary phone", of course this was after a moment of rage-filled silence.

@anw Its very inefficient, they should have used radio buttons instead.

@anw "Back off, I have a Javascript framework and I (kinda) know how to use it!"

@anw some people just want to watch the world burn...

@anw I...I have no words. Plus the replies...WHY WOULD PEOPLE DO THIS?

@anw at least the digits are in order, they could have been randomised on each drop-down

@anw New learner of programming with 8-week experience of PHP.

@niconiconi @anw
Oh, by the way, "Pai Huang Pian" means " making adult movies" in Chinese, and " PHP" for short. :) [just kidding]

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