Heh, I like that - "Infosec twitter showed up"

Kind of a mild way to describe the slurch of everyone sort of falling into here ;-)

Oh! PS! 9/8!

mastodon.social - the server you’re reading this on - is getting way overloaded. But the good news is that, thanks to federation, you can take part by registering on any other Mastodon server in the network (see instances.mastodon.xyz/ ), or even set up your own. That’s the point.

See you around the network!

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@da_667 Until a Corp comes and blows it all up. Or until Wired does a piece on how cool and hipster-tech it is.

welp, I'm fucking off to bed. This was fun. lets see if it remains that way.

you know what? if this turns into a place where just tech/infosec nerds hang out, I'd be happy with just that.

@aoighost we do seem to be a bunch of cynical shitposting assholes

Heh, the degeneration from "considered intellectual discussion expanded to 500 chars" to "blatant shitposting" in my timeline as the rest of infosec Twitter got here is marked over the last two days


@aoighost You got it bby. mastodon.social/media/F9sW81S4

Who am I to disagree?

Some of them to abuse you.... some of them want to be abused.

:smiling_imp: :tongue:


@HolicShot "All these shitposts shall be lost, like tears in rain"

if people want to play along at home: github.com/bobpoekert/heffalum

it's the mastodon web client without the rails server, modified to build with create-react-app/react-scripts instead of bundler. the main screen works but none of the others do yet

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I just realized that Mastodon is totally in line with this long-ass article I wrote, "There Will Be More Intermediaries. Not Less.",

tl;dr: Moore’s law breaks up concentrated information silos into fractally smaller bits, like so much grease in soapy dishwater.


@junglestrike @lambadalambda @sonya Yeah, but the whole social model embedded in the technical model is that you migrate to an instance that shares your value, freedom of association style. But when migrating servers means rebuilding your entire social graph.... that doesn't really work.

I want to see how long before feels ruin this platform too.


I feel like the Mastodon Bridge tool is just crying out for some punny/terrible joke name.

Artic sea ice, polar ice caps, I can walk to Alaska from my house, etc. you get the idea, right?

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