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Another mass shooting in the USA. So sad. Thoughts and prayers for victims and their families. When will this stop? 😤

I'm in the market for a new phone. $500-$700 range. Don't know if I should go with XR or just wait for 6T 🤔

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just passed a law that forces every citizen to hand over their fingerprints in order to store them on a so-called 'safe' electronic ID system.
Don't let this happen to your country. #1984

I managed to miss all Megamillion winning numbers 😭

Never google symptoms. I hate being hypochondriac.

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Twitter bug may have sent users’ Direct Messages to external developers #theverge #technology

one of the best fight I've ever seen between and . I had Canelo winning by a round. It could have gone either way.

Just saw Zachary Quinto jogging in SOHO . Almost yelled .

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