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Allison Parrish @aparrish

recently it has seemed to me that the main trick of computer programming is to learning how to break your problem down into a series of subproblems that turn out to be the subject of entire careers and yearly conferences of various computer scientists

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(and then glancing at their papers and deciding to implement the thing in the way you were going to implement it anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️)

@aparrish cuz why would computer scientists implement anything of their own :P

@aparrish why do you think i go on and on about how it's a shame that nobody (including me) reads these old papers and has an idea of the lore? :p

@aparrish That, and knowing how best to use the standard library for your favorite programming language so that you aren't constantly reinventing perfectly good wheels.

@aparrish *types into google* "How do I computer"

*ctrl c, ctrl v*

Boss, do I get a raise now, it works!