I have tried to be friends with max/msp, pd, chuck, supercollider, even csound etc over the years but sonic pi is the first livecoding/algorithmic music environment I've used that actually feels good to me—like I feel like I could quickly and intuitively get stuff done with it (learning about it right now in a session at itp camp

@aparrish I've played with Sonic Pi a bit and got as far as setting the "Dies Irae".


I used Max way back when there was no DSP fu. I liked it just fine for simple stuff but my layouts seemed to turn to spaghetti for more elaborate work. I don't know whether that's because graphical programming is unsuited to bigger tasks or it requires different idioms.

Anyway, yours is the most compelling case I've seen for Sonic Pi. Mayhap I'll give it a spin. Thanks!

@mkb i really dislike the visual paradigm of max/msp and pd, i just immediately get frustrated when i'm trying to make changes or add new complexity :(

sonic pi isn't quite as versatile as the other tools i mentioned but it has the tremendous benefits of a batteries-included approach and using a mainstream non-iconoclastic programming language (ruby) with like real data structures and stuff that work in intuitive ways for my particular programmer brain

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