I spend a good maybe 40% of my work-related time in Keynote and I just don't... like it... as a tool. it's not bad, I don't hate it, it's just not especially expressive or fun. I should do something about this

e.g., at practice Joseph White made and delivered his presentation *in PICO-8* and it was amazing. (and not just amazing because it was gimmicky—amazing because it was suited to the presentation itself and because he clearly had the level of mastery over the software that made using it the obvious and necessary choice.) what's the allison equivalent of that.

Do you do your experimentation in jupyter notebooks initially? Maybe that interface would be well-suited.

@enkiv2 yeah, I haven't even tried using the jupyter slideshow thing, I should give it a shot. for some reason though the skeuomorph of the "slide" being an independent thing that you can easily drag around in and between presentations feels important to me (I guess jupyterlab has this?).

@aparrish Are there similar tools you like better?

Personally PowerPoint drives me bonkers but I know someone who switched to PP from Keynote and was really happy.

@aparrish you need an overhead projector and some acetate sheets ✨

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