I am attending the decentralized web conference for the next two days so probably a good idea to like, kick my Mastodon server back into gear. Hi everyone

You know what would be nice? If more of my friends were on Mastodon or a service compatible with Mastodon. I would probably be here more, and I would not let my server error out for months at a time

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I try to be the change I want to see in the world, but I spend a few months here and have like 2 interactions a day with people I know and like (at least compared to Twitter where I have dozens of interactions a day with people I know and like). Most of the people I interact with on Mastodon seem cool but I'm in the "getting to know you" phase. My best friend isn't here. My husband isn't here (he tried).

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@darius having dramatically curtailed my twitter activity over the past however many months I'm kinda okay with not being on twitter even though all the people I know are on there—I think for me spending all day in a procedurally curated chatroom/public performance venue with all my friends and peers was its own very particular source of anxiety. I'm discovering I'm pretty okay with keeping up with people on a one-on-one basis, or subscribing to their e-mail lists or whatever

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@darius though I still announce all my projects on twitter because otherwise I feel like I'm being negligent. and I also don't know how else to do it? it seems like I've literally never gotten more than like six people to care about anything I've done unless it was through announcing it on twitter :/

@aparrish I love my private Twitter which is just me and 40 very very close friends, I think it's an absolute boon to my life. I'd love to have that here

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