The thing to remember is that at some point in recent past nobody knew what e-mail was and people had to learn about. And before that personal computers were new and folks had to learn how to use them.

Not everything can be reduced to what you already know! Mastodon requires a tiny bit of extra knowledge because it differs from other social media platforms.

@Gargron whenever people use the argument that mastodon is somehow "too complicated" I like to encourage them to do a web search for "how to use facebook." there's like a gazillion tutorials, videos, online classes, training seminars, etc. the alternatives aren't inherently less complicated—it's just that tech folks have come to accept the way they work as the "default" and so that complication is invisible to them.

@aparrish @Gargron But! (and I don't think you mean this) That's no reason to say we can't try to improve!

@masklayer @Gargron yeah, that's definitely not what I mean. I'm just trying to say that I think we shouldn't take for granted the idea that other social media platforms are somehow especially "easy to use." fb and twitter etc. might make the on-boarding process easy (though citation needed even on THAT topic imo) but they're certainly not well designed from a holistic perspective (citation: the state of the world right now).

@aparrish @masklayer @Gargron Most people have no idea how email works nor do they know FB or Twitter. Most got their email address from work or a friend helped them create one. The difference here is uptake.

Using email as a comparison is not bad... but I think it could be done even better. Like that you have to chose a "home" (not using "server" or any of such technical lingo). By choosing a home you will then be able to connect to other in your city and other cities in a network of cities.

@aparrish @Gargron The saving grace for me is that there is enough time on Mastodon to explore how to use it, while on Facebook you have to reorganise your life so you can use it. Facebook is simple to use not because its simple, but because we've gotten used to its non-intuitive design.

Exploring Mastodon is like exploring a new world. Sure, its complex, but why rush through it?

@aparrish @Gargron Just a thought, if there is a standard way then the complexity does not matter. The complex things you know are not complex to you. One of the rules that I remember from Web usability is that most people spend most of their time on other web sites. It's perhaps similar.

@aparrish @Gargron Yes. And the same argument can be made about Windows

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