every English-language book in project gutenberg with exactly five characters in the title (excluding duplicates)

Adieu, Alone, Aloys, André, Atala, Avery, Bacon, Bambi, Basil, Bebee, Bijou, Bimbi, Bruce, Bruno, Burke, Byron, Caste, China, Corot, Crito, Crécy, Cully, Daisy, David, Death, Demos, Diana, Dross, Dürer, Elegy, Eliza, Emile, Exile, Faust, Fore!, Games, Gebir, Glass, H. R., Hagar, Hania, Harry, Havoc, Haydn, Heart, Heidi, Hiero, Husks, Hymen, I Spy, Japan, Jason, Jerry (continued)

... Jewel, Jonah, Juana, Katia, Kazan, Keats, Kenny, Lamia, Light, Lippa, Locke, Lumen, Lysis, Marie, Missy, Moods, Moral, Mufti, Nancy, Nedra, Noémi, Patsy, Peace, Peggy, Plays, Poems, Queed, Ragna, Rashi, Robin, Rudin, Sandy, Satan, Simon, Smoke, Sonny, Spain, Style, Susan, Swift, Tabby, Tales, Tante, Thais, Tommy, Tulan, Typee, Woman, Yeast, Youth, Ziska

(there are 44 books just called "Poems," three called "Plays," only a handful of others had duplicates)

in other news, I'm very out of hard drive space

@aparrish I saw this post first, and thought you were posting the list of Cletus's children from The Simpsons at first.

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