wow is s3 bandwidth pricing really like $0.10/Gb? why do I feel like it used to be cheaper than that

probably just going to put this file on my shared hosting because I get a bunch of bandwidth on my account every month that I never use and if I go over they'll cut me off and e-mail me instead of just going ahead and charging me some large and unfortunate amount of money

@aparrish I think that's the cost to have the content mirrored across all zone. Single-zone is I believe still sub $0.01

@foozmeat hmm okay. like every aws product this is extremely confusing and changes in weird ways every time I look away for a minute

@aparrish S3 bandwith is really expensive. Backblaze cost about 1/10th of that, and it's better for static file hosting, but if you need the data for AWS this is what you have to pay.

@aparrish Look into digitalocean, the minimum is $5/month but that gets you 1TB of transfer.

@jleedev you mean their "spaces" thing? maybe a good idea, I'll look into it

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