@aparrish My Dad retired from NASA (Lewis Research) in 1974 or so. His old friends from work, when they came over for picnics and pinochle, _hated_ "the snake" logo with the fire of many many old engineering suns.

@vaguery ha, I can understand that! I kinda love it though. for me it will always signify The Future

Through my workplace I do some extremely minimal design work related to NASA. I love that the people I talk to reference the logo as "the meatball".

@vaguery @aparrish It's called the "worm" in comparison to the meatball and abandoning it is sacrilege. Way better then the dumbass old logo.

@aparrish bot idea: generate new forbidden uses of the NASA logotype

@aparrish i think "outlaw nasa logos" was a tom sachs show i.i.r.c.

@aparrish I always find such "DON'T" guidelines fascinating (and i can't deny it's very tempting to break all these rules :p)

Used properly, permutations of the NASA logotype, written on mylar and folded inside a vitamin, protects shipments.

However, this logotype configuration, the FORBIDDEN or LAMENT logotype, opens a portal to jovosynchronous orbit wherever the paper is, unless the components are properly numbered. Doing so is liable to suck all the air out of the room (and other things as well). Nobody wants to be orbitting jupiter accidentally.

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