Breaking Wind: Legendary Farts "At last the bridegroom was summoned.... He rose slowly and with dignity from his divan; but in so doing... he let fly a great and terrible fart. [...] Mortified, [he] turned away from the bridal chamber and [...] went down to the courtyard, saddled his mare, and rode off, weeping bitterly through the night. In time he reached Lahej where he found a ship ready to sail for India; so he boarded..." this is the saddest/most relatable story ever

this story from the same page is actually the best story ever. breaking wind to break the devil plus a bonus breaking of the narrative frame "I cannot tell you what the third fellow did to defeat the devil. If you want to know, you'll have to ask the old tavern keeper at Steina. By now it will have come back to him."

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@aparrish “He continued on his way, returning finally to India, where he remained in self exile until he died. May the mercy of Allah be upon him!”

@aparrish i liked how Till Eulenspiegel and the innkeeper became friends over fart-pranks.

@Ranjit I can just imagine the innkeeper opening the table, smirking, muttering to himself, "well played, my friend, well played"

@aparrish That website needs to be updated with "The Censure of the Parliament Fart" (c 1600) and I'm considering emailing the guy to say as much

@aparrish "Such a Fart was never seene / Quoth the Learned Councell of the Queene" is my favorite couplet in English

@darius @aparrish “Thanke God quoth Sir Edward Hungerford/That this Fart proved not a Turdd” wow wowwww

@aparrish are you aware of He-gassen

It's an edo period art scroll (a medieval cartoon strip?) about an epic battle of farts, depicting, among other things, a man breaking wind so hard he sends a cat flying

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