hahaha i did not know that Messier came up with his famous list of objects because he "was a comet hunter, and was frustrated by objects which resembled but were not comets, so he compiled a list of them... to avoid wasting time on them."

a reminder that the things you'll be remembered for might be the things you throw away while trying to do something else

in 2018 this same list would have been published as a tweet storm, like "tfw you think it's a comet but it's just that same smudge again 1/103"

@mewo2 @aparrish to prove you're not a robot, please click all photos that contain actual comets

@aparrish I'm just imagining Messier doing what Christine does when unity fucks up

a years long thread of tweets that's just a picture of some celestial body that's isn't a comet and the "that makes me hit the desk" meme

@aparrish this reminds me of Burnside's lemma in group theory, which (a) is probably the only way that most mathematicians have ever heard of Burnside and (b) wasn't discovered by him:

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