"Ozymandias" is often read as a warning on the hubris of desiring immortality but it should be read as being about how good Ozy's workers were at making durable pedestals

I'm honored to have been invited to speak at this year's Ancient Land Monument Symposium about my lab's latest research in inscribed plinth durability. *advances slide* Look on this pedestal, ye mighty colleagues, and despair!

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food $200
bulwarks against the ravages of time, made manifest by the desert sand encroaching on my works and empire $150
plinth durability research $6000
utility $150

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. nothing beside remains

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"Our name is Egyptian Pedestals Emporium. Look on our works, ye mighty, and give us a call if you'd like to order one!"

@aparrish It’s still morning and I’ve already seen the word “plinth“!

@aparrish [furiously sinking all my science points into plinth durability research, engraving, and irony]

@aparrish *slaps roof of plinth* You can inscribe so many letters on this baby.

@aparrish Hemira the stonecutter slaps the top of the pedestal

"this bad boy" she says "can hold aeons"

@aparrish We should setup a mastodon instance "mighty.city" that only allows Ozymandias themed toots. @Ranjit would join us in this distant land.

@aparrish its durability was a part of his prognostication, for as ozzy sang, "i am iron man"

@aparrish they should have built the entire empire out of the pedestal material

@aparrish Frankly, the trunk-building team did not bring their A game.

@aparrish the tale of icaros is about wax not being a very good adhesive, especially in a high-temperature environment

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