the Hololens "Typography" page has such an uncanny mixture of the practical and buzzwordy and utopian scifi "Text in both the physical world and the virtual world needs to be legible and readable. Text could be on a wall or superimposed on a physical object. It could be floating along with a digital user interface. [...] For the user's comfort, two meters is the optimal distance for placing holograms. We can use this distance as a basis to find the optimal font size."

has anyone ever written a scifi story entirely in the format of a typography style guide

@aparrish so basically second-person perspective?

This gives a whole new meaning to 'design fiction', and I want one so much.

Wait. Does a conlang with an unusual orthography count as design fiction in this context? Like, the list of suggestions on how to format ilakash...

@enkiv2 I think so, yeah! and after I wrote that toot I realized that I had co-authored a story(?) that might actually be in that genre

I love this.

Dating sims for language learning actually sounds like a fantastic idea -- particularly for languages with complicated systems of politeness.

Like, ideally a dating sim is a kind of complicated test for all kinds of advanced language use. You get points for:
* correctly identifying tone in context, inferring intent from that tone, and replying with the appropriate tone
* distinguishing between friendly sarcasm and hostility
* deescalation of tense situations full of partially-unknown or implied context
* using the appropriate degree of formality for a situation, including flirty teasing when appropriate

* using clues from multiple characters' dialogue to piece together backstory in order to identify and avoid sensitive subjects

(Of course, most actual dating sims don't actually work this way -- being made by the socially inept for the socially inept, often the winning move is to consistently be a jerk, especially in older games. But the format has a lot of potential! It's like a gamified super-intense version of the skits people act out in foreign language classes.)

@enkiv2 clearly what the world needs is a toki pona dating sim

@aparrish @enkiv2 Write the dialogue and I'm sure someone will do the art, put it together with a visual novel builder and boom.

@aparrish @enkiv2 What I'm saying is this is amazing and I would buy it, especially if you use the TokiPona Hieroglyphs.

@Vopo @aparrish
I'd love to see a lojban dating sim for similar reasons, though the underlying philosophy is the opposite.

toki pona: "the ideal language is one where every statement is so ambiguous that readers must project the most desirable possible interpretation upon it"

lojban: "the ideal language is one where I can express combinations of emoticons with four sigma granularity of intensity percentages as interjections, but don't need to"

@enkiv2 @aparrish I've also wondered how much is lost in transition in older games. Given the genre roots in Japan it would seem clear that formality play would be baked in. How much of that "be a jerk to win" is mistranslated formality lost in English? Then becomes baked into English audience expectations in games designed in English?

@aparrish @max The particular stuff I'm talking about isn't a matter of mistranslation, for sure. There are a couple games in particular (mostly from the early 90s) that take a PUA attitude toward negging.

@enkiv2 @aparrish That's fair. Some of the stuff I think about from the early 90s seems like it was full of translation issues of the sort, but I can't tell you at all how genre defining the ones I'm thinking may be. Similarly, I realize there's always been a PUA influence as well. I saw enough of that in Western media at the time I wouldn't have played such VNs at the time.

Which is to say I understand my education in the genre is incomplete, and they were honest questions for a reason. 😀

@aparrish @max There are counterexamples from the era as well, for sure. It's been a while since I've played True Love, but I definitely like the way it integrates this scheduling-based self-improvment regimen thing with the dating sim elements -- where you attract the attention of various characters through dedication to shared interests.

@aparrish I would read this if it existed! I’ve wanted to read (or maybe write?) Star Trek fanfiction in the form of a policy manual being revised over time as people make mistakes and learn new things.

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