@aparrish one very exasperated person with many problems and few adequate solutions

@aparrish okay I know for a fact that you can use nair on your face but its a really bad idea to forget to set a timer if you do. (also probably bad idea generally)

@aparrish there's always that one disturbingly specific recommendation

ooh ooh i know the answer to the pineapple one! 

@aparrish it's because pineapples contain flesh-melting enzymes! If you eat too much fresh pineapple your mouth will start bleeding as the pineapple attempts to eat you right back. Too much in this case is still less than half the fruit.

Anyway Jello is made with gelatin which comes from animals. Fresh pineapple will destroy the geletin, but canned pineapple is pasturized which destroys the flesh melting enzymes.

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