having trouble figuring out what this distinction could even be, and if a meaningful distinction can be made, how it could possibly be important for an arts residency application

the best part about this is that you can check BOTH BOXES?! which I assume corresponds to "metadisciplinary"

☑️ multidisciplinary
☑️ interdisciplinary
☑️ omnidisciplinary
☑️ pandisciplanary
☑️ undisciplined
☑️ disciplinarian

@aparrish I can see multidisciplinary as "I make sculptures and poems" and interdisciplinary as "I make something weird in between sculptures and poems"

@mewo2 I guess I'm having trouble thinking of anyone's arts practice that corresponds to that "multidisciplinary" description that doesn't also significantly bleed into "interdisciplinary" (because otherwise why would you be "multidisciplinary" to begin with, if not to set up some kind of contrast/interpolation between the disciplines in question?)

@aparrish @mewo2 my photography stuff doesn't overlap at all with the other stuff I do, which does all mash up together, so I could say i'm multidiscipinary where one discipline is "photography" and the other is "interdisciplinary"

@aparrish @mewo2
I think the 'sculptures and poems' thing is a good example, because the parallel interdisciplinary thing would be 'sculptures that are also poems'.

Like, somebody who makes sculptures that are also poems is doing something very different from someone who makes sculptures and also makes poems, because the poems can be put in books probably.

@enkiv2 @mewo2 right—I am also "multidisciplinary" in the sense that I make computer-generated poetry (discipline A) and also (e.g.) do the dishes every morning (discipline B). if these two disciplines are truly separate, I don't understand why it would be important to mention being "multidisciplinary" on an arts residency application, since surely you would just apply in the "computer-generated poetry" category or the "dishwashing" category instead?

@aparrish @mewo2
Hmm. Are you checking off categories in another section of the form?

I'm imagining a situation where somebody needs to manage distribution or exhibition, where they want to know whether the stuff you make can be filed into several existing situations (poetry in the pamphlets, sculptures in the gallery, paintings on the wall) or if somebody's going to need to treat it specially (like an elaborate environmental video-art thing with interactivity, needing its own room)

@enkiv2 @mewo2 maybe that's it, I dunno. this residency has separate application forms for a number of categories (there's "film" and "poetry" and "visual art" and several others and then "interdisciplinary"). only the "interdisciplinary" form has this question. (I was only filling in the "interdisciplinary" form because I never get accepted when I apply for things in the "poetry" category and "interdisciplinary" is often the arts code-word for "if you use a computer apply in this category")

@aparrish @mewo2
Are you able to apply for multiple categories and be accepted for multiple categories? If not, maybe multidisciplinary is the equivalent to that.

Like, if your sculpture is not a poem, but your sculptures are illustrations of your epic verse cycle, they might belong together while being amenable to different concerns & still being conventional in terms of what the organizers need to do.

@enkiv2 @mewo2 I guess that could be it? still seems like a pretty niche thing though in that case

@aparrish @enkiv2 @mewo2 I cried at the coded-word for "if you use a computer, apply here" category. "If you use Internet" also works well with "Interdisciplinary". ;)

@aparrish if you're confused and you contact them about the question they automatically give you the residency

@aparrish I'm struggling with the distinction. I'm sure there is one, but still.

@aparrish I want to read this as multidisciplinary = "I do several different things, some of which are X and some are Y" and interdisciplinary = "I do one thing which is about half X and half Y" but I have no idea if that's what the person who wrote the application was thinking

@zwol @aparrish
Yeah, I sort of agree. 'Multidisciplinary' feels like "the things I do can be classified into several different fields", while 'interdisciplinary' feels like "their feeble categories can't even *name* the things I'm doing!"

@zwol I get that, I just find it difficult to conceive of an artist who (a) would choose to apply for a residency specifically in the multidisciplinary category but (b) has two or more practices that never interact with each other enough to be considered "interdisciplinary"

@aparrish my best guess is Multi includes several totally unrelated fields and inter means different disciplines within your own field??

No wait, that still doesn't make any sense. ... It's just fucking newspeak.

@aparrish Multidisciplinary is you work with more than one department and none of them talk to each other. :flan_smile:

@aparrish I love the asterisk, it’s like a little jewel of optimism.

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