training a neural network to "caption" summary vectors of lines of poetry, then using the network to generate text for summary vectors of arbitrary sentences. this is after seven epochs of training on my laptop last night; source line is first, output is second

the goal here was to be able to put in the vector for (e.g.) "dog" & get back a line about dogs. but it's learning the punctuation and the length of the lines, so putting in single words yields stuff like

abacus ➝ Beginabliny
allison ➝ It is is is is is is ine is ineay
cheese ➝ Great occhanting seaw
daring ➝ The left the lonious courtina
mastodon ➝ shorn born born borner
parrish ➝ the oh
purple ➝ Greath green green green
trousers ➝ To blenting my blank
whoops ➝ Aaann aaas! aaan aaas!
zoo ➝ T

(I know I'm literally just redoing karpathy experiments from "the unreasonable effectiveness of rnns" era but it really is unreasonable how effective this is. also my first nn-training experiment that didn't just immediately overfit and where actually adding more neurons to the hidden layers helped instead of hurt)

christmas, recurrent neural networks 

a "sonnet" (14 lines generated from uniformly distributed random vectors)

sbepsded inssgosffiend
mornown mprolatly
my silly blyssy slyyly my smlllly ly my sfllllylyly llllyly ky my s
iscalled maam.
soremorisenoris soreeories sirey seauton oreeose,
larrarry onlrrralller
For I sfored
That daughteous bloom
stepian steon is shente

christmas, recurrent neural networks 

@aparrish I like this approach, a sonnet is just 14 of whatever you feel like. 14 knock knock jokes? Sonnet. 14 photographs? Sonnet. 14 bottles of beer on the wall? Sonnet.

@mewo2 as björk said, don't let poets lie to you (about what is and is not a sonnet)

@aparrish I would like to adopt some of these for everyday use, like exclaiming “aaann aas” when I make a blunder and “great occhanting seaw” when I have yummy cheese.

This is also a good explanation for why one would wear trousers.

@ranjit @aparrish
"Upon a Blented Blank" is in fact one of my favorite holiday sonnets!

@Ranjit I just ran it to find out and

dogs ➝ earnest heed

which is...!! on a different inference it generated "ear ee" which is also appropriate

@aparrish as a dog partisan I’m hoping cats get something less sweet while feeling slightly guilty for hoping that

@Ranjit right now it generates

cats ➝ eers
kitten ➝ Lose lo lord

so... no idea

@aparrish happy to see both cats and dogs getting eers 🐶🐱

@aparrish hey @emma I think "Aaann aaas! aaan aaas!" is your new motto



Wow, these are a treat, especially trousers. I might need to change my profile description to "shorn born born borner."

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