@darius @SpindleyQ true story, i won a science fair in 6th grade with a qbasic program and used the prize money to buy turbo c++

@aparrish @SpindleyQ this is the most believable Allison story I've ever heard

@aparrish @darius This was incredibly wise.
At one point I had a connected cousin hook me up with a copy of Microsoft QuickC, assuming it would be a natural progression from QBasic, and was crushed when the integrated help system didn't teach me the language or how to do graphics fast.

@SpindleyQ @aparrish @darius I don't think I've ever learned more from any integrated help system than that of QBASIC. A high school friend gave me a copy and I spent hours just reading the help pages and trying each command until I more or less understood how it worked. It wasn't perfect, I never figured out GOSUB or DIM'ing arrays, but I could write a program and understand what it was doing to some degree.

@SpindleyQ @aparrish @darius Of course a few years later I started learning Java in school and had to relearn pretty much all of it, but I at least understood variables, basic flow control, and the text console.

@drewzero1 @SpindleyQ @aparrish I was 10 when I was using qbasic and didn't realize there was a help system until. well, today.

I also didn't know about copy and paste so I used to transcribe code to paper from one file and then type it in manually into another!

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