i went to one of those drink and paint night things with my sister and i didn't really learn anything about painting but it was fun and i made this. (everyone's paintings were basically the same but i liked my tree and the last minute decision i made to add some yellow to the moon)

@aparrish After watching the Kung Fu Panda movies again I need to add that this painting reminds me of some of the beautiful backgrounds from those movies.

@aparrish We did over if those paint things for a company action last year. It was an underwater scene. I've decided on dragons instead of dolphins and got dinner strange looks.

I like how yours turned out.

I shy away from her
Harvest-yellow rays.

For so long I have gazed up, up
and over her
lunescent features.

So long that I have
put down trepidatious roots
in this shallow land.

But now she stares down
the clouds blush and the birds
twitterpate, with my heart.

If I shy away from her
perhaps she won't see my
ever-precarious love.

And if she does...
there's always the edge.

An unexpected #poetry reply from the Fediverse thrum. (Not convinced about the final stanza)

I love how syntactic that tree looks. :) And it's a very good moon!

@hollyamory A syntactic tree. How ... appropriate.

Perhaps some parsely as well, for completeness.


@aparrish I would like that on my wall. Thanks for sharing!

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