Flat is a pure-Python 2D drawing library "for creating and manipulating digital forms of fine arts. [...] It grew out of the needs for generative design, architecture and art." exports to SVG and so easily embeds in a jupyter notebook (`display(SVG(page.svg())`). I have been looking for something like this forever, it's a little quirky but seems too good to be true

@aparrish Also this other thing they make??? xxyxyz.org/even/

makes me wanna learn python

@bcj @darius @aparrish
An intervention of #JurajSukop at #LGM in 2014, explaining a bit also the fact that it is really flat, from scratch...!
This #LineBreaking article is beautiful also : xxyxyz.org/line-breaking/

@darius Its easy to learn... I've been even teaching it out there...

If you really want to start learning it, just do it. It's easy.

@aparrish Sounds really cool! Do you know of some examples of things made with it?

@meejah I don't, but I'm making some tutorials with it right now, so watch this space


Thanks for the link! I loved it!

I also loved that it doesn't have any external dependency!

This seems really cool, thanks for sharing. I've been looking for a Processing-like drawing program that could plug right into Python in a Jupyter Notebook.
I'm trying to get their example working, do you know if I need any other imports to run the display command in Jupyter

Awesome, thanks for that!
This is going to be so incredibly useful of a tool. Nowadays my workflow involves processing in Python and exporting as a whole bunch of txt or csvs to load in Processing, as you said it sounds too good to be true. Looking forward to give it a spin.

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