scifi mockumentary tv series starring Monty Don wearing prosthetic ears or something called _Gardens of the Galaxy_. i did not and will not web search to see if i'm the first to come up with this

i never saw guardians of the galaxy so as far as i know this is a bit in that movie. does not change the fact that a show with this concept and format would be the most amazing thing ever

@aparrish for years i've been dreaming about an attenborough-style show that focuses on one planet's biome per episode

@phooky it would be so good. it would also be really fun to *make* (from the writing to the production of the sets and props [whether virtual or physical]). though also probably really expensive to make which is probably why it doesn't exist (other than the fact that it's, you know, a concept with an incredibly niche appeal)

@aparrish maybe the way to get that ball rolling is via a xenonatural history text, with live sketches of bizarre fauna/flora. Maybe something more along the lines of a naturalist

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